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 Review For Fallout 3:game of the year edition

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PostSubject: Review For Fallout 3:game of the year edition   Mon Sep 20, 2010 6:39 pm

CNC gaming Forum rating 9 out of 10

hello people of the gaming world and all you RPG FPS lovers you must know about Fallout 3. you start off as a 19 year old boy lost in the capital wasteland fighting your way threw giant molerats, radroaches, supermutants and raiders. and many more all of this just to find out what happend to your dad. will you be evil good or a neutral wanderer. you also have V.A.T.S.(vault attomatic targeting system) "hey i wanna shoot your gun out of your hand or that gernade in the air but maybe just shoot your head off" and yesss the head off rolling on the ground. OMFG a deathclaw. yeah they suck. stoy is compelling sadd happy awsome, graphics are good but not the best. just remember the game is so vast. i have over 90hours in the game and still finding new things. fallout is a must own because its to long of a game to rent lol. flaws random glitches like stuck on tin can. wow. that must sum it up thanks.

P.S. if you are a fallout 3 owner and you love this game send me a E-mail at for tips awsome weapons and just plain coolness

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Review For Fallout 3:game of the year edition
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